X Infotech`s solution reaching new heights with Megacard

X Infotech, a leading systems integrator and MultiPerso personalization software developer, is pleased to announce that it has successfully delivered a comprehensive smart card solution and provided the full migration process for Megacard, one of Northern Europe’s highest profile card issuers, boasting tens of millions produced cards in more than 35 countries since inception in 2005.

Following previously successful collaboration between Megacard and X Infotech on EMV card personalization, this project proved an effective and logical sequel. Having undoubtedly proven itself as a reliable partner and leading industry specialist, X Infotech  was chosen to implement its powerful solution MultiPerso. In tandem with delivering high volume personalization machines, X Infotech was able to highlight an extensive migration process in just five days, defying expectations with its swift implementation.

X Infotech carried out an end-to-end implementation solution including EMV data preparation, chip encoding and complete project management. After a full system upgrade Megacard can now benefit from MultiPerso’s modularity and functionality features, such as eID personalization and adjusted Trusted Service Manager (TSM). Fully adaptable MultiPerso TSM allows the possibility of maintaining the personalization process Over The Air (OTA) and Over The Internet (OTI) as well as update, append and delete mobile phone applications.

Currently, the MultiPerso solution fully complies with the highest security and quality standards and is recommended by several auditors representing the world’s leading payment processing organizations.

“Megacard is fast-tracking its development and was in need of a powerful, future-proof solution that delivers convenience and security to clients as well as meeting our business needs’’, said Michael Nyberg, CEO of Megacard, “The solution delivered by X Infotech encompasses all these needs and has the potential to adapt to meet future developments.”

“We are both proud and honored that Megacard has continued their trust in our MultiPerso solution,” said Sergey Yeliseyev, Business Development Director of X Infotech. “This project reflects the success of MultiPerso as a multifunctional solution with the ability for long-term application and adaptation.

About MegaCard

MegaCard is a privately-owned Swedish company that has produced tens of millions of cards in more than 35 countries since its launch in 2005. MegaCard is a market-challenger with the goal of providing the best in security, innovation and reliability. Our experience across industries is an advantage to businesses which prefer freedom of choice and knowledge of advanced card solutions from all types of fields. More information can be found at: www.megacard.se

About X Infotech

X Infotech, a leading systems integrator and a developer of software suite MultiPerso, delivers premium solutions for issuing, managing and verification of electronic ID documents and smart cards. The company`s turnkey solutions are fully independent and flexible, and in combination with unrivalled team expertise, allow smart card and eID programs to be implemented easily, adapting to any environment by supporting any equipment and chip type. With successfully implemented projects in 45 countries already, X Infotech is now a trusted business partner and preferred solutions and services provider for hundreds of customers. More: www.x-infotech.com

April 8, 2014