X Infotech provides Polygraph Combine Ukraina with EMV Card Personalization solution

September 21, 2016, Riga (Latvia) – X Infotech (www.x-infotech.com), a global provider of software solutions for identity documents and payment smart cards, leverages its expertise in EMV technologies and successfully completes the deployment of personalization solutions for Polygraph Combine «Ukraina» – the Ukrainian leading company in security printing and identity document production.

X Infotech has helped the state company advance with a new personalization bureau for EMV payment smart cards. From now on, Polygraph Combine «Ukraina» will be able to offer a complete card production process – every step from plastic card manufacturing to card personalization and PIN management.

The card payment industry continues to grow at a healthy pace – the number of cards in circulation in Ukraine increased by 22% from 29.7 million in 2009 to 35.7 million in 2013. According to the most recent study, this number will continue to grow reaching 45.3 million in 2018 (Market research zone, 2015).

“This deployment together with X Infotech, a global EMV software expert, expands our portfolio with an all-inclusive financial card platform,” said spokesperson at Polygraph Combine «Ukraina». “The new EMV personalization centre offers superior quality and services in a single place, making it easy for Ukrainian banks to outsource card personalization.”

The deal compromises the EMV Card Personalization and Production Workflow Management solutions for contact and contactless MasterCard and VISA cards – EMV Data Preparation, Key Management System, Chip Encoding, Secure PIN Manager (EMV card PIN generation and PIN envelope printing) and Card Production System (former Document Production Suite). These solutions were scoped and developed to ensure high level security and performance for high-volume card personalization. Throughout the implementation, X Infotech’s team provided on-site consultations, EMV training and technical support to integrate the latest technologies in accordance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.

“Polygraph Combine «Ukraina» is already recognized for its leadership in security printing. Our EMV personalization solutions supports its first steps in the financial industry,” said Vadim Tereshko, Head of Banking and Mobile and partner at X Infotech. ”The new EMV platform manages the card production with greater efficiency and convenience, delivering multiple benefits at once.”

About Polygraph Combine «Ukraina»

The Polygraph Combine «Ukraina» (www.pk-ukraina.gov.ua) is the national leader in securities and documents of strict accountability. The state company offers reliable and efficient full-cycle production along with highly specialized services to perform security printing services. The long term, strategic outlook combines production expansion and technological process improvements based on the latest achievements in printing techniques and security standards, thus strengthening the company’s leadership and the image of the State as an integrated European country.

About X Infotech

X Infotech (www.x-infotech.com) is a global provider of software solutions for identity documents and payment smart cards. The company helps financial institutions to implement payment smart card programs, providing the IT infrastructure and empowering them to take full and autonomous control of their projects and businesses. X Infotech’s solutions are compatible with any type of chip or personalization equipment, and are easily modified. Headquartered in Europe, X Infotech boasts of having 100% projects successfully implemented in 45+ countries, including Europe, LatAm, Africa and Asia.

September 21, 2016