X Infotech pioneers introduction of electronic ID card for bank in Africa

X Infotech, a leading systems integrator and MultiPerso personalization software developer, is pleased to announce that it has been selected by one of the biggest banks in Eastern Africa to implement electronic ID cards with biometric authentication functionality that will deliver trusted authentication for bank customers through fingerprint verification. Tamper-proof biometric authentication is an instrument that provides a verification mechanism while delivering outstanding levels of integrity and privacy.

Up until now, this country did not issue official internationally recognizable personal identification documents. As a respectable financial institution with the highest customer service standards, our client had to find a solution which delivered unrivalled security for bank customers and a trustworthy identification system.

MultiPerso software features clearly offered the best solution for providing bank customers with electronic identification cards and ID application. The full solution included several features: chip data preparation, secure card personalization, instant issuing of cards, biometric application, automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) and biometric registry development, in conjunction with complex integration and support.

MultiPerso data preparation and chip encoding provide secure personalization of the card while biometric application stores biometric and biographic data on the card’s chip. The MultiPerso AFIS component automatically verifies fingerprints or matches other biometrical data in the Biometric Registry and detects any identity fraud situations.

The instant issuance feature of the INFOTECH X solution delivers bank customers an optimal balance between convenience and data security.

As a next step in project development, our client is considering adding payment application to the same card. Since MultiPerso is fully adaptable to future developments and does not require software changes in order to add new functions, it is a superbly costefficient investment to stay up-to-date with latest technologies and innovations.

‘’We are honored to pioneer the introduction of electronic identification cards with biometric authentication technology in Eastern Africa, while ensuring unrivalled security for our customers’’ said Sergey Yeliseyev, X Infotech board member. “Africa is experiencing a rapid expansion in the demand for smart cards with different applications, particularly for biometric applications. By launching this innovative project, the bank has introduced an identification document that can be used inside the bank, providing reliable authentication of the card-holder. The MultiPerso solution fully meets the bank`s exacting requirements for security and functionality. Thanks to the solution`s state-of-the-art technology and flexibility, MultiPerso will support future business requirements, such as the addition of a payment application to this card program.”

About X Infotech

X Infotech, a leading systems integrator and a developer of software suite MultiPerso, delivers premium solutions for issuing, managing and verification of electronic ID documents and smart cards. The company`s turnkey solutions are fully independent and flexible, and in combination with unrivalled team expertise, allow smart card and eID programs to be implemented easily, adapting to any environment by supporting any equipment and chip type. With successfully implemented projects in 45 countries already, X Infotech is now a trusted business partner and preferred solutions and services provider for hundreds of customers. More: www.x-infotech.com

February 11, 2014