X Infotech launches a mobile application for real-time image validation

Following the implementation process of the EU-wide Entry-Exit System, X Infotech has launched a mobile application for border crossing and migration control institutions.

This solution allows to capture ICAO compliant face images, perform real-time quality validation, and deliver the image to a dedicated case officer for identity verification/identification and registration purposes.

The application is a convenient tool for law enforcement officers in the field e.g., on construction sites, moving ferries/trains, etc. The application, developed for iOS devices, supports secure data exchange and server-side configuration management.

“We saw a growing demand for a new solution enabling ‘’on the spot’’ enrolment process and making it seamless”, Einars Leps, Regional Sales Executive from X Infotech, explains. “The application provides real-time feedback if the picture meets ICAO requirements, and if not, what needs to be adjusted or changed before the picture is even taken. This approach allows law enforcement officers to skip taking multiple pictures and browsing, thus saving precious time.”

The main purpose behind the adoption of the Entry-Exit System is to register entry and exit data of non-EU nationals crossing the external borders of EU Member States. This will serve as a significant tool to strengthen and protect the external borders of the Schengen area and to safeguard and increase the security of its citizens. To achieve such objectives there is a need to modernize and improve the quality and efficiency of border control, some of the necessary features are:

  • Automated verification system
  • Biometric recognition technologies
  • Elimination of human error factor
  • International ICAO/ISO standard compliance
  • Mobile on the spot enrollment



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February 28, 2022