X Infotech implements in-house EMV card issuance for Insignia Cards in Malta

X Infotech, the leading system integrator and developer of premium solutions for issuance and management of smart cards, has deployed a reliable solution for EMV card issuance and secure PIN management for Insignia Cards. With their operations centre based in Malta, Insignia Cards offers an array of premium financial payment services and luxury lifestyle management to individuals and businesses internationally.

In order to increase product volumes and enhance business growth, Insignia Cards defined a new strategic approach to switch from the outsourced card issuance service to an in-house issuance platform.

To deliver a turnkey solution, Insignia Cards selected X Infotech – the company with unrivalled expertise and global references in the implementation of smart card projects. The project entailed EMV Data Preparation, reliable personalization of contact VISA cards and generation of PINs within a protected environment. An extended portfolio of services such as integration, project management and consultancies on preparation for VISA certification supported the success of X Infotech’s role.

X Infotech’s solution will optimize Insignia Cards’ banking operations in addition to improving the card issuance performance. The new card issuance system will enable Insignia Cards to expand their product portfolio and geographic area of business, thus gaining access to new markets.

«Insignia Cards selected the X Infotech solution based on their unrivalled global expertise in the provision of EMV card issuance solutions,” said Jurate Kajackiene, Chief Operations Officer, Insignia Cards Limited, Malta. “With local on-time support and training from X INFOTECH, Insignia Cards has successfully migrated to in-house card issuance which means that we will be able to grow our business and expand the market share.»

«We were committed to improve card issuance services for Insignia Cards,” said Vadim Tereshko, Business Development Director, X Infotech. “We are pleased that X Infotech has established a fruitful, new partnership that has resulted in the enhancement of our business strategies, to support company growth and continued delivery of the highest level of customer services.»с

About Insignia Cards

For almost 20 years, Insignia has been setting the ultimate standard in payment cards, financial services and lifestyle management, allowing their clients to enjoy their wealth on their terms. Insignia Cards has worked to provide an array of card products that provide financial freedom, customized benefits and security. Through the innovation of technology, our Cards will ensure a new level of service standards, both digitally and in terms of customer care services provided. Insignia is a global luxury lifestyle management service group. Insignia has now also established itself as a financial institution providing Card products and services to clients in Malta and other European countries. More at: www.insignia.com.mt

About X Infotech

X Infotech, a leading systems integrator and a developer of software suite MultiPerso, delivers premium solutions for issuing, managing and verification of electronic ID documents and smart cards. The company`s turnkey solutions are fully independent and flexible, and in combination with unrivalled team expertise, allow smart card and eID programs to be implemented easily, adapting to any environment by supporting any equipment and chip type. With successfully implemented projects in 45 countries already, X Infotech is now a trusted business partner and preferred solutions and services provider for hundreds of customers. More: www.x-infotech.com

December 2, 2015