X Infotech has successfully implemented an Interoperability switch solution for Rwanda National Digital Payment System (RNDPS)

Rwanda National Digital Payment System went live in May 2022. Airtel and MTN customers are now able to perform seamless transactions between them using their e-wallets. Banks of Rwanda are joining the switch soon.


X Infotech implemented Payment Switch solution for secure and interoperable real-time account-based instant payments in Rwanda.

This is a big step forward for financial ecosystem of the country. Now citizens of Rwanda can send and receive money through Rwanda National Digital Payment System instantly, using their e-wallets and mobile payment apps. Rwanda National Digital Payment System enables end-to-end interoperability of bulk and low-value payments in Rwanda. This interoperability directly contributes to the objectives of a cashless and inclusive economy.

RNDPS solution allows to operate and safeguard infrastructure for exchanging financial information, linking end customers to private business, government, education, utility, information, telecommunication, and banking services, all in a cost-effective and secure way. Consumers will benefit from improved customer convenience, lower transaction costs, and increased value from the improved range of products and services through digital payments by enabling service consumers to perform easy and seamless transactions from anywhere.


“Interoperability will allow both consumers and merchants in Rwanda fully interact on multiple banking and payments acquiring platforms, represented in the sector of financial services. Interoperability shall spur local merchants in the hard to reach areas to adopt and provision financial products supplied by different financial institutions and service providers”, Igors Boiko, Head of Digital Banking and Payments from X Infotech, emphasized the importance of such a solution.


X infotech Payment Switch supports variable payment instruments and methods, such as P2B, B2P, G2P, and P2G payments to banks or other institutions. X infotech Payment Switch provides a unified API for the banks and other institutions to list and process payment transactions to the merchants, billers, and billing aggregators.

X infotech Payment Switch is built on microservices architecture. It supports accessibility via large number of APIs, industry standards, such as ISO8583, ISO20022. High availability, security, data protection and compliance are the key cornerstones of X infotech Payment Switch.

June 15, 2022