Why X Infotech cares about information security

X Infotech recognizes the growing importance of cyber-security in a context of electronic identity documents and smart cards. Banks and government entities are facing critical cyber-security issues every day more and more.

“Today, we see that the World is extremely vulnerable to cyber-attacks, and the eID industry is no exception. Our security experts are trained to track all incoming risks at the earliest possible point, and also apply this knowledge to software engineering and project management,” said Alexander Popov, Technical Director at X Infotech. “Even the most secure software products need to be integrated into a safe and protected environment to ensure the highest level performance, when working with sensitive data – citizen personal information and biometrics – so much desired and traced by attackers. At X Infotech, we apply a cyber-secure approach to everything we do, helping our customers prevent IT breaches that may disrupt their business’s everyday operations.”

Instead of focusing on the prevention of each and every attack, X Infotech helps to raise awareness on unpredictable cyber threats, educating banks and governments on information security measures, infrastructure, web-connected systems and technological processes. This is done to decrease the potential risk of ransomware and other malicious interventions.

Cybercrime has climbed to 2nd most reported economic crime (PwC Global Economic Crime Survey, 2016), while 85% of internet users feel at risk of becoming victimized by malicious threats (European Union (EU) Serious and Organised Crime Threat Assessment (SOCTA), 2017).



September 26, 2017