Transport and Telecommunication Institute cooperates with X Infotech to attract and promote new IT talents

4 October, 2016, Riga, Latvia – X Infotech (, a global provider of software solutions for identity documents and smart cards, actively promotes higher education in Latvia, supporting IT and Computer Science students at Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) – the private university historically recognized for scientific research in the field of engineering and computer science.

For 7 years now, X Infotech has been cooperating with TSI to train, develop and inspire young professionals to get involved in the software business. The State Employment Agency (SEA) reveals that, in 2016, Information Technology specialists are in high demand on the job market, as the industry is growing very fast and lacks around 16 000 skilled workers (Aseradens, 2016).

The company offers various scholarship, internship and work-study programs to help IT students in their journey to success. This summer X Infotech offered to 5 TSI students to gain first hands-on experience in programming. After this kind of debut, the brightest and most talented students are usually offered a permanent position as part of the work-study programme. According to the HR statistics, 10% of the company’s employees started out as interns before making it big and working for X Infotech.

Before the winter semester got underway, X Infotech together with TSI organized a scholarship award for prospective Computer Science Students. The candidates were evaluated based on their academic excellence and results in high school exams, particularly maths and physics. Alongside this criteria, the scholarship board evaluated their participation in national competitions in the mentioned areas and Computer Science. The best candidates were then invited to an interview with X Infotech’s owners and HR department. This year, the scholarship to cover study costs were granted to 4 outstanding first-year students. In total, X Infotech offers 12 scholarships, including 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students.

During the academic year, X Infotech employees will continue to give classes as well as offer mentoring and coaching opportunities to guide students through various IT projects. Meanwhile, the Student Research Paper Competition will come to an end in December 2016.

“It is amazing to see how our multi-year cooperation with TSI is paying off and how young people making their first, but solid steps in their IT career at our company. All these programmes and initiatives help us in discovering new talents in Computer Science at an early stage and support their development,” said Sergey Yeliseyev, Co-owner and Business Development Director at X Infotech.

Besides financial and education assistance to TSI students, X Infotech has joined forces with the university to create a brand-new IT Lab – a research space for students to put their skills and knowledge in practice. The new Lab will be ideally positioned to take advantage of the opportunities that arise through the research and development projects.

“We are incredibly proud of our close, long-term relationship with X Infotech, as we bring some well-deserved attention to Computer Science students. This cooperation ensures that a great variety of research and learning opportunities are available for TSI students,” said Prof. Irina Yatskiv, Vice-rector for Sciеnce and Development Affairs, Transport and Telecommunication Institute of Latvia (TSI).

About Transport and Telecommunication Institute

Transport and Telecommunication Institute ( offers a combination of a traditional learning, innovative technologies, science and creativity. TSI is a private University of Applied Sciences recognized for highly qualified lecturing staff, science and technology research capabilities within an inviting and engaging learning environment. The Institute offers academic bachelor, master and PhD programs in three languages (English, Latvian and Russian) in the areas of transport and logistics, computer science, electronics and telecommunication, economics and management, aviation transport.

About X Infotech

X Infotech ( is a global provider and integrator of software solutions for identity documents and smart cards. The company helps governments, local document producers, banks and financial institutions to implement eID and smart card programs, providing the IT infrastructure and empowering them to take full and autonomous control of their projects and businesses. X Infotech’s solutions are compatible with any type of chip or personalization equipment, and are easily modified.

Headquartered in Europe, X Infotech boasts of having 100% projects successfully implemented in 45+ countries, including LatAm and Africa.

October 4, 2016