Process Management

Document lifecycle management, quality control components.


The Case Management solution stores a person’s application with personal details, biometric enrolment records, electronic identity document status and other attachments received during the application process. The operator can search, view and report on applications and issued electronic identity documents via web.

  • Flexibility to support unlimited number of enrolment record types.
  • Customizable application workflow and Web interface for demographic data collection.
  • On-line and off-line mode for the delivery of application and enrolment data.
  • Automated data verification and validation with third party systems (Blacklists, AFIS, Personalization system, National Register, etc.).

The open and modular architecture gives clients unlimited flexibility to support present and future requirements – new extensions and integration with third-party solutions.

  • Complete document lifecycle management from the application stage to post-issuance activities.
  • Multiple security mechanisms to control access rights, including 4-eye principle.
  • Ability to interact via multiple communications channels.

The vendor independent solution permits integration into third party production management platforms and various document readers.

  • Fast validation and data checks for produced smart cards and e-ID documents.
  • Flexible integration with the Production Management System and Public Key infrastructure (DVCA, CSCA etc.).
  • Hardware independent solution to support easy integration with various document readers.
  • International standard-compliant module to establish an easy interface with external systems.

This portable solution permits police, immigration officers and civil servants to conduct document checks at any time and place. It verifies data authenticity and the identity of a document holder, comparing the photo and fingerprints.

Deployment Scenario – NFC enabled devices
• Smartphones
• Tablets

Integration with External Systems

• System for driver violation records
• Terminal control centre
• Border control system

  • Improved verification of ICAO 9303 compliant documents: ePassports, eID, Driver licenses.
  • Support for various data access control methods (BAC, SAC, EAC.).
  • Reading of an MRZ zone for Machine Readable
    Travel Documents.

This solution supports any document reader or biometric capture device, enabling flexible integration with the core business system for data retrieval and document activation. X Infotech Document Issuance guarantees easy integration with X Infotech or third party Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for document verification and access control (BAC, EAC, and SAC).

  • Easy integration with PKI infrastructure (CVCA, Document verifier) and an existing business system.
  • Compliance with ICAO document access control standards (BAC, SAC, EAC).
  • Vendor independent solution for deploying different document readers and biometric capture devices.