Citizen Identity

Biometric enrolment, personal data processing, identity management and AFIS/ABIS, document and user verification.


X Infotech Enrolment is a software solution for capturing personal data – both demographic and biometric data (fingerprints, facial image, and handwritten signature).

The comprehensive solution supports all aspects of desktop and mobile workstations for enrolment at central and remote locations. Prior to the enrolment stage, the easy-to-use system can be integrated with self-service portals for an electronic identity document application.

The efficiency of a biometric system entirely depends on the quality of biometric data, X Infotech offers an integrated quality control component to capture high-quality biometric data in line with the industry standards and the best practices.

  • Scalable enrolment to adjust the type of data captured and ensure compatibility with different AFIS/ABIS.
  • Effective process control to lower the risk of human error (automated quality validation).
  • Highly secured environment with access control, data encryption and communication via secured communication channels.
  • Flexible integration with a central database for customized data synchronization, validation and export.
  • Vendor independent platform to give greater flexibility in the selection of hardware.
X Infotech Identity Management handles customer identity management based on biometric data. The comprehensive solution consists of a biometric registry, a verification service to perform biometric verification 1:1 or 1:N as well as a capability to integrate with different biometric search engines AFIS/ABIS systems.

The Identity Management solution provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for identity managers who control and resolve identity conflicts (e.g. duplicated records, people with similar biometric data etc.).

  • Flexible and configurable interface for identity management.
  • Integrated data storage for various biometric modalities (e.g. face, fingerprint, iris etc.).
  • Additional level of security against illegal access to sensitive data.
  • Unlimited expansion possibilities to address evolving client.
  • Vendor independent platform to give greater flexibility and deploy different biometric search engines in a single solution.
X Infotech AFIS/ABIS is a biometric authentication solution which provides fast and precise identity checks on large scale biometric databases.

The ready-to-use software solution provides effective means for identity verification and de-duplication control. It can process, search, store and retrieve biometric templates and records in real time.

X Infotech ABIS is an extension of the Identity Management solution.

  • Supports multiple biometric modalities – fingerprints, face image, iris.
  • High accuracy of matching algorithms ensured in a number of international projects.
  • Scalable architecture to increase matching speed (up to 100 000 000 fingerprints per second on server).
X Infotech Biometric Verification is a software platform that validates the identity of a client based on biometrics such as fingerprints, face recognition and dynamic signatures. Access rights to electronic identity documents are manually granted by an operator or processed through an application.

The vendor-independent solution permits clients to deploy any technology or product for operator workplaces, mobile workstations or mobile devices.

X Infotech Biometric Verification is integrated with the Identity Management solution that serves as a centralised biometric data storage facility and processes all verification requests.

  • Flexible deployment to support verification of multiple biometric modalities.
  • Scalable solution to adjust necessary data fields (personal data – ID number, document number etc.).
  • Face liveness detection feature to ensure that the user is a real person.
  • Additional level of security against illegal access to sensitive data.
  • Compliance with legal requirements, industry practices and recommendations.