Process Management

Integration services and card lifecycle management


X Infotech Integration Services is a middleware module that links together banking systems and X Infotech products, acting as a coordinated whole. Integration Services enable banks to process collected client or card registration applications through various external systems in order to verify applications or add additional information before card personalization or client registration. This solution allows banks to connect X Infotech products to banking systems without making changes in existing interfaces. It also improves overall security, as distributed systems communicate with the central system through a single point.

  • Compatibility with other X Infotech products.
  • Interaction with external repositories to augment or store applications.
  • Support File, HTTP, SOAP, MQ, FTP, WCF interfaces.
  • Centralised event log generation.

X Infotech Card Lifecycle Management handles the entire lifecycle of smart cards, tokens and their applications, starting from data preparation and application personalization to post-issuance activities – issuing, re-issuing, blocking/unblocking, PIN reset and revocation of smart cards. The open and modular architecture gives clients unlimited flexibility to support present and future requirements – new extensions and
integrations with third-party solutions.

  • Complete card lifecycle management from the application stage to post-issuance activities.
  • Ability to interact via multiple communication channels.
  • Multiple security mechanisms to control access rights, including follow 4-eye principle.