Digital Payments

X Infotech Omni-channel platform (OCP) is a full-fledged payment management and processing solution for commercial banks, Central banks and National payment switches, regional payment switches, payment aggregators and third-party payment service providers, as well as other financial institutions offering financial services in retail market segment.

X Infotech OCP supports all transaction and payment types, all customer access channel types and social media integrations. It has a wide range of integrations with local and international payment service providers and financial institutions world-wide. OCP supports a large amount of external integrations with various data exchange protocols.

X Infotech OCP supports various transaction support modules like ISO8583 switching, ISO20022, agency banking, merchant payment processing, P2P payment, bill payment, customer account management, external device management (POS, android devices, etc), fee management, limit management and user notification.

Along with independent operation, solutions can be configured to operate in conjunction with banking or any other information systems. External system integration is performed according to ISO8583, ISO20022, SOAP, XML, JSON protocols. Additional integration protocols can be developed based on the requirements.


X Infotech Omni-channel Switch module provides transaction switching capabilities between connected banks and parties for financial message processing. Financial messages can be processed over ISO8583 or ISO20022 protocol.

  • Standard Omni-channel Switch module ISO8583 and ISO20022 supports comprehensive security mechanisms to provide reliable and secure end-to-end encryption and message code authentication to the connected parties.
  • In case of integration over an existing protocol dialect Omni-channel Switch can support any other encryption and security scheme through customer implementation of the protocol specification.
  • Omni-channel Switch module can be configured to support the omni-channel API provisioning to publish all available OMNI-CHANNEL APIs through the ISO8583 protocol.
  • The standard Omni-channel ISO8583 protocol supports payee verification and validation mechanism before processing the financial transaction.
  • Omni-channel Switch module enables payment transaction initiation from any end-customer available electronic channel (Internet bank, Smartphone, USSD, ATM, etc) toward any payment recipient like person, merchant, bank agent or government institution and processing all task and payment types.

X Infotech QR code payments solution is a complete solution for QR code (and Merchant ID) issuance and for merchant (C2B, C2G) business initiatives of Person to Person (P2P) and Remittance Business acquiring using Mobile Applications, SMS and e-commerce.
X Infotech QR code payments solution enables merchants to accept electronic payments using QR codes.


X Infotech QR code payments solution supports the following functionalities:

  • On-boarding process for merchants
  • QR code generation for particular merchants, transactions and customers
  • QR Code based payments support
  • Reporting
  • A merchant can have a unique QR code printed out in visible space (or generate one on the fly in merchant app or on a cash register screen), which an end user can scan with his smartphone to initiate a transaction.
  • A merchant can provide a QR code containing information to its customers, which an end user can scan with his smartphone to initiate a transaction without entering an amount and other payment details.
  • Each merchant can have a unique number – like a phone number in a lookup table – which is publicly displayed and can be used by end user to initiate a manual transfer of funds.

Tokenization will enable Bank Merchants to run electronic payment operations without handling a raw card data by replacing sensitive payment data with a unique identifier (token) that cannot be mathematically reversed.

  • Can tokenize all the major card brands including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB, and more. It even tokenizes eCheck and direct debit.
  • Supports creation, retrieval, update, and deletion of tokens in bulk.
  • Provides a profile-based token management for full control over configuration options.
  • Supports Payment network tokens, Non-card payment methods like eCheck and direct debit, additional customer data fields and multiple token formats.
  • One to one PAN or primary account number matching to-token.
  • Alias assignment to every token in customer eWallet mobile bank or internet bank.
  • Provides Token lifecycle management capabilities.
  • Provides reports of tokens created, updated, deleted, and so on, within specific date period and Merchant type.
  • Supports RESTful API. All Token Management related API calls are exposed through the X Infotech Omni-channel platform Integrations & APIs support module.

X Infotech Omni-channel platform Bill payment module supports payment aggregator functionality for providing P2B, P2G payments, process payment transactions to the billers and billing aggregators.

  • Bill presentment
    Bill presentment functionality allows to query the biller system for the customer bills based on the customer account number or any other identifying information within the biller system and forward this information to front end applications through the omni-channel API.
  • Bill payment
    Bill payment functionality allows to initiate bill payment transaction. Bill payment transaction can be performed for a pre-paid service or post-paid service. In case of post-paid service, a front-end system must first request bill presentment to find the customer bill in the biller’s system.
  • Flexible bill payment
    Flexible bill payment allows a customer to pay the bill in partial payments or instalments. This type of bill payment is used in case of post-paid bills where bill presentment is supported by the biller system and biller allows payment of bills in partial or instalment-based mode.
  • Bill deferral
    Bill payment module bill deferral mechanism allows customer to request bill deferral from the biller or to request bank to issue a short-term loan to the customer for the payment of the bill. Bill deferral applies to post-paid bills.

X Infotech Mobile Gateway is an automated system for services provision via mobile communication channels (SMS, USSD) or Internet channels (XML or JSON requests). The software solution delivers multiple benefits to end-users, providing mobile access at any time and place. Mobile Gateway supports mobile banking or other on-the-go service deployment. Usually Mobile Gateway is supplied together with the X Infotech SMS Centre solution to perform business operations via mobile channels.

  • Simple and fast information distribution via SMS and USSD messages.
  • Mass mailing projects with guaranteed delivery.
  • Extensive deployment facilities via mobile applications for Apple IOS, Google Android and Windows.
  • Flexibility to support a wide range of incoming protocols (SMS/USSD requests via SMPP protocol, XML/JSON or SOAP protocols).

Omni-channel Agent module is an all in one system for bank agent enrolment, administration and management in a private or shared environment where different FSPs and Banks can utilize the same system for agent management and agent transaction processing.
Agency banking system functionality is aimed to deliver improved customer experience for cash deposit & withdrawal, airtime top up and third-party payments functionality at agent location. All the supported omni-channels can be utilized for agent transaction processing such as POS, USSD, mobile app.