Digital Identity and Authorizations

Digital Identity and Authorizations

Digital Onboarding and Secure Mobile-ID solutions.


Digital onboarding is a convenient and effective way to enrol new customer.
With the right onboarding process the bank can increase operational efficiency and reduce costs, mitigate risks and ensure compliance, enhance customer engagement and communications.

Along with Digital Onboarding Solution, X Infotech offers Video Customer Identification Product perfectly aimed to optimize daily services and to reduce in-line waiting time for customers.

  • Better customer engagement
  • Secure digital process of enrolment
  • Applicability of captured data for future daily digital customer authentication
  • Improved customer experience
  • Faster access to banking services
  • Possibility to switch between in-branch and online onboarding
  • Reduce paper usage and document loss
  • Reduced cost-to-serve
  • Minimization of fraud and human error
  • Improved operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Reduced failed client acquisition
  • Data application for Strong Customer Authentication in daily digital operations

X Infotech Secure Mobile-ID is a PKI-based solution for digital authentication and digital signing via Secure Mobile-ID app installed on smartphone or tablet device.

  • Unique user experience – real-time instant access to digital services, easy-take for customers
  • High level of security – PKI and cryptographic schemes are used
  • Strong KYC tool – enhancing security of real-time payment and transaction platforms
  • Solution can be used for provisioning qualified trust service and creation of qualified electronic signatures and solution meets the requirements set for qualified electronic signature creation device
  • Single solution for multi-purpose authentication – banking, payments, online shopping, eGovernment
  • No special-purpose hardware is needed
  • Multiple device support