Card Personalization

EMV data preparation, EMV card personalization, instant and centralised card issuance, stock management.


X Infotech EMV Data Preparation performs data preparation for all types of EMV smart cards issued for international networks or local projects. The solution supports advanced smart card technologies – contact and contactless interfaces, mobile and multi-application environments, and post-issuance management of applications. X Infotech EMV Data Preparation receives card applications and cardholder profile data, keys and certificates from multiple sources. Prior to card personalization, data is checked and prepared according to a defined setup.

Batch Processing
Data input and encoding separated by steps
User case: high-end personalization machines and multiple personalization bureaus

Single Step
Data preparation and chip encoding in a single step
User case: various personalization machines (desktop, mid-range and high-volume)

  • • A fully automated, high-speed data preparation solution to enable fast and easy card production.
    • Flexible functionality to adapt and configure the solution according to customer-specific requirements.
    • Compatibility with third parties to permit seamless integration with an existing environment and personalization system.
    • User friendly interface to provide effective management of multiple card or personalization profiles.

X Infotech Key Management System provides all the necessary functionality for secure generation, handling and transportation of cryptographic keys and certificates. The system manages highly sensitive objectives, in compliance with strict security standards. All cryptographic calculations are performed by dedicated crypto-processors built in a certified HSM appliance.

  • Secure system to support centralized and highly secure management of cryptographic keys.
  • Intuitive user interface to permit easy configuration, management and auditing.
  • Deployment of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) to protect sensitive objects and minimize any information loss or breach.
  • Open standard architecture to enable and facilitate vendor interoperability.

X Infotech Chip Encoding receives input data from the Data Preparation solution and virtually carries out chip encoding according to a payment card’s profile and following dedicated chip personalization routines.
The solution is based on an open architecture, supporting any chip and personalization equipment. X Infotech Chip Encoding enables chip card personalization to be performed simultaneously on multiple small or large-volume personalization machines.

  • Flexible infrastructure for easy system integration and configuration.
  • Compatibility with third party vendors to support integration with an existing smartcard production platform.
  • Extensive facilities to encode contact and contactless EMV chip cards.

X Infotech Secure PIN Manager is an all-in-one solution for PIN generation, secure printing of PIN envelopes and PIN Tabs as well as different modes for PIN distribution. The flexible infrastructure permits PIN distribution and synchronization between multiple systems.

Remote PIN Printing
PIN blocks are transferred to a separate branch for PIN envelope printing.

Local PIN printing

The bank or financial organization can immediately print PIN on site.

  • Secure system to provide multiple ways of PIN value generation.
  • Flexible choice for PIN printing: remote or on-site facility.
  • PIN block generation and encryption, supporting the best known PIN block formats.
  • Compatibility with third party vendors to support different data preparation solutions.

X Infotech Remote PIN delivery solution is a modern and safe way of PIN-code delivery to cardholders.

This solution allows to significantly decrease PIN printing, packaging and mailing costs or costs of distributing via branches.

With this solution, bank clients will have an opportunity to choose a convenient and safe PIN code receiving channel that operates in real-time.

X Infotech Remote PIN delivery solution is modular and can be adapted or extended to suit individual client requirements.


  • SMS sending
  • Activation via a special website (“by-url/web-site” method)
  • Voice menu IVR assistance
  • Via client’s Internet banking service
  • In a mobile application
  • USSD-menu assistance


Flexible integration with any Card Management System or PIN Generation System allows X Infotech Remote PIN delivery solution to be implemented as a ‘greenfield’ solution or as an addition to client’s existing PIN generation infrastructure.

X Infotech Remote PIN delivery solution is based on the micro-services architecture. It ensures fast time-to-market delivery, scalability without any downtime and easy ongoing support.

X Infotech EMV Certificate Authority (EMV CA) is a root certification authority for issuing EMV smart cards on a local scale, without the necessity of interacting with such international payment organizations as VISA, MasterCard etc.

  • Dedicated environment to issue local payment cards without an external certificate authority.
  • Generation and storing of self-signed Root Certificates in a highly-secure environment.
  • Certificate issuance for multiple EMV Issuers as part of a single or multiple payment scheme.

The modular system offers advanced monitoring and workflow management features, supporting the entire production lifecycle – data retrieval, data preparation, quality control, stock management and distribution management. The open and module architecture permits clients to extend and configure production flow according to their specific project needs and requirements from third party systems and hardware vendors.

  • Complete production management of financial and non-financial cards – from data import to stock management and reporting.
  • Production monitoring in order to control distribution of requests to personalization machines.
  • Superior control of production status, card quality procedures and stock.
  • Support for mag-stripe, contact and contactless chips, third-party equipment and systems.

In this highly competitive market, banks and financial organizations need to optimize processes and deliver new attractive, value-added banking services. Instant issuance is an example of how banks move from traditional issuance to card production directly in a branch or a card issuance office. The user-friendly interface permits operators to design and produce fully operable debit or credit cards within a few minutes, delivering maximum convenience and benefits for the end-user.

  • Benefits for End Users
    Exceptional Customer Service
    Customers can customize their personal features (photo, co-branded logo) and receive the card immediately, reducing
    the risk of lost or stolen cards at the mailing stage.
    Instant Access to Funds
    Customers can activate and use the card immediately. When the card is sent by mail, the likelihood that the customer
    immediately starts using the card decreases.
  • Benefits for Financial Organizations
    Increase in Turnover
    Instant issuance will likely increase a bank’s turnover and maximize annual customer spending per each immediately issued card.
    Cost Optimization
    Instant card issuance guarantees cost optimization. There is no need for expensive encryption devices, high-volume personalization and mailing machines.
  • Compliance with PCI DSS standards, Visa and MasterCard security requirements for instant card issuance.
  • Flexible architecture for easy integration within an existing infrastructure and procedures.
  • Easy and simple to use system for instant card production.
  • Payment card production tracking to generate status reports at every step of the personalization process.

The software solution is integrated with the Production Management and Instant Issuing solutions, providing numerous event registration facilities on each stage of card production. The system keeps a complete history of each movement between stock locations. The easy to use client interface provides functionality to import or manually input card products, manage consumables and stock locations. The solution ensures full compliance with strict regulations for card stock management.

  • Flexible configuration for stock, workflow and products via graphical user interface, without programming.
  • Card production tracking in real time by product type, customer, serial number, stock location, date or any custom
    product attribute.
  • Complete stock tracking down to actual location and status of an individual card.
  • Complete card movement audit log.