Acquiring Management

Terminal Management System, Merchant Management, Merchant Portal, E-commerce Payment Gateway, Smart POS firmware, Merchant SoftPOS Application


X Infotech Terminal Management System is a centralized management and monitoring system based on multi-vendor devices like POS and SmartPOS. It is developed on X Infotech Omni-Channel Platform (OCP) components. All the Terminal Management System functions have web-based user interfaces for terminal administration and activity monitoring.

  • Payment processing for all necessary acquiring operations supporting traditional payment cards and new payment methods like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, QR and NFC payments.
  • POS Concentrator approach support allows to avoid connecting multiple POS to HOST from various POS.
  • Each connected POS monitoring with several parameters collected online.
  • Remote key loading – a fully automated terminal preparation process, including remote key loading and one-click payment settings download on the client side.

X Infotech Merchant Management is a system for collecting, storing and managing merchant data. The standard functional of Merchant Management includes commission configuration, mutual payment settlement, support of complex multi-level merchant hierarchies, transaction processing rules and many other functions.

  • Modern Web-portal for Merchant Management operations configuration and daily activities.
  • Adjustable system for different national markets and regulatory compliance, including KYC policies and national ID registry integration.
  • Real-time merchant transaction history, current balance and operations monitoring and reports.

Merchant Portal is a self-service web portal for merchants allowing to track success and transaction history. In this dedicated web-based portal merchants can view comprehensive reports on all incoming and outgoing processes. Merchants are able to follow the success of different branch and counter success, see full transactions list, void/refund and turnover reports.

  • Adoptive design provides seamless user experience over multi-platforms.
  • A bank can manage Merchant Portal secure access, user access settings, user access rights (full access, read-only full data, read-only limited data).
  • A flexible integration with bank’s existing acquiring infrastructure.

X Infotech E-commerce Payment Gateway is a payment processing solution for merchants via e-commerce channels. E-Commerce Payment Gateway supports a full cycle service for e-merchants starting from merchant onboarding, transaction support or settlement to merchant accounting via selected channels.

  • Payment Gateway provides several methods for online merchant website integration with a payment gateway: with a hosted payment page or direct API.
  • Merchants will be allowed to use a dedicated Sandbox function for learning, training and testing integration with the payment gateway.
  • Support of various payment interfaces, including dialects based of ISO8583 or ISO20022.
  • QR payment support for e-commerce.
  • 3D Support.

X Infotech develops Smart POS application based on Android OS. SmartPOS application includes not only traditional POS application payments, but also QR payments, on-boarding, loyalty, more comprehensive reports and many other functionalities. SmartPOS payment application supports POS vendors like Sunme, Castles, NexGo. SmartPOS is the best way to start building customers’ own acquiring ecosystem to attract more merchants and transactions.

  • Possibility to use biometrics (face image, fingerprints) for payment processing authorization.
  • Various payment methods accepted (eg. QR payments or local schemes).
  • Fast and easy addition of extra functions (eg. bill split or automatic tip calculation).

X Infotech Merchant SoftPOS application is a payment application for merchants enabling contactless payments directly on their smartphones. This is a native cost-efficient solution for small merchants for payment card acceptance in their businesses.

  • Contactless (NFC) and QR payment method support.
  • Android OS support.
  • Security standard compliance including PCI DSS.