Smart card project for Eastern Bank Limited


EBL has introduced smart card to make authentication more secure and minimize the risks of fraud. A leading issuer of cards in Bangladesh, EBL teamed up with X INFOTECH, to complete the project of smart card implementation. This smart card will replace magnetic stripe cards with chip and PIN, turning the authentication process into a lot more secure.

Client Profile

Eastern Bank Limited, Leading issuer of cards in Bangladesh


  • Turnkey solutions for EMV data preparation, secure card personalization and instant card  issuing of Diners Club, MasterCard and VISA cards.


  • Migrate the card issuance system from magnetic strip  cards to EMV chip cards.


  • MultiPerso solution brings enhanced security for card issuance as well as enabling a broader portfolio of issued card types.
  • This EMV card will improve the security mechanism which is essential in the authentication process of payment cards.