“Digital Rise 2019” conference in Kenya brought together leaders of East African FinTech market

The experts-driven conference «Digital Rise Customer Day 2019” took place yesterday, in March 26, in Nairobi, Kenya. It has brought together the leading banks and financial institutions of East African countries.

The event has been organised by X Infotech and Silverlake Symmetri within Silverlake Axis Ltd. group of companies, who have shared their extensive and profound market expertise and latest developments in solutions for banking and finance.

The conference was addressed to all african banks, who strive for revenue improvement, cost optimisation and customers rates increase. The discussion covered the most vital trends in digitalizing processes and procedures in banking and financial sector. The hottest topics, concerns and solutions were brought on to define roadmaps for success. Experts elaborated on how countries in Eastern Africa could develop appropriate services to increase investment efficiency, rethink financing and KYC approaches, and fully embrace innovation in order to leverage disruptive technologies to boost productivity and revenue.

The discussed topics included Open Banking standards, Islamic Banking, digital onboarding for banks, digital transformation, financial inclusion through card optimisation and digitalisation, card personalisation techniques and many others.

You are more than welcome to express your interest in participating in such events or workshops in your region/country by sending email to the organisers at marketing@x-infotech.com

27 марта, 2019