PIN Generation solution for Danske Bank Lithuania Branch

X Infotech, a leading systems integrator and MultiPerso software developer, provided Danske Bank Lithuania Branch, a leading bank in the Nordic region, with a solution for PIN printing. The MultiPerso Secure PIN Manager enables the bank to print PIN envelopes on-site, in accordance with the highest of security regulations in the payment card industry.

Danske Bank Lithuania Branch continuously strives to improve the security of delivered services and bank operations, and decided to implement a new PIN code printing solution that was safer than the existing one. Having evaluated various solutions, the bank chose X Infotech`s solution, MultiPerso Secure PIN Manager, which has been designed to provide secure PIN generation and printing of PIN codes that comply with international payment card industry security standards and requirements.

The full solution encompasses delivery and implementation of MultiPerso Secure PIN Manager and a Hardware Security Module (encoding device), along with different services, such as implementation, integration into the proprietary bank environment, staff training, and support.

X Infotech`s solution will serve as a great investment in the bank’s future, integrating ample capabilities to provide the most advanced services, for example PIN TABS printing, which can deliver significant commercial benefits, as well as the ability to make various modifications with minimal further investment.

“With this project, we aim to deliver a very secure solution to our customers that complies with the strictest safety requirements and standards in the provision of security of the most sensitive data“, said Robertas Urbonavicius, Head of Cards at Danske Bank Lithuania Branch. “MultiPerso Secure PIN Manager fully meets our security objectives , providing the delivery of secure services to our customers.“

“We are excited that Danske Bank chose MultiPerso Secure PIN Manager, our solution for PIN printing, with its benefits of being future-proof, cost-effective and flexible“, added Maris Birgelis, X Infotech board member. “This presents a great future opportunity for the bank when it decides to start printing PIN TABS or to provide on-site PIN generation without the need for third party services.“

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August 30, 2013