PIN generation solution for a bank


X Infotech in collaboration with Cardtech, provided a leading bank in Guatemala with all-in-one solution for PIN Generation and secure printing of PIN envelopers, enabling the bank to provide PIN generation and printing on-site, without resorting to third party services.

Client Profile

One of the leading banks in Guatemala – Banco Inmobiliario


  • All-in-one solution for PIN generation and secure printing of PIN envelopers.
  • The delivered solution includes – EMV Data Preparation, Chip Encoding, Key Management, Secure PIN manager.


  • Deliver integrated in-house solution for secure printing and generation of PIN envelops.
  • Bring greater protection for PIN management  enhancing  trust in banking operations.


  • MultiPerso solution has delivered the necessary functionalities to introduce on-site PIN generation and printing, without resorting to third party service.
  • The new PIN management solution allows the bank to offer improved services for its customers, thus strengthening a leading position in the market.