Personalization solution for payment card issuing in Komercijalna Banka


Migration of all components and personalization scripts from the existing system to the newest version of X Infotech Personalization solution. As a part of the whole solution, X Infotech has implemented a Mobile SMS Gateway for PIN in Komercijalna Banka.

Client Profile

Komercijalna Banka, Macedonia


  • The delivered solution consists of 3 modules:
    1. Card personalization module: Data preparation and chip personalization.
    2. PIN management module.
    3. Mobile PIN Gateway (SMS).


  • The main project aim was to replace the old Komercijalna Banka personalization system with a new modern system, that is fully compliant with the latest security standards and regulations.
  • Solution, that was implemented by X Infotech included delivery of the proprietary software, enterprise hardware, and services to integrate all components into a single working system. Also, a new service was delivered within the implemented solution – Mobile SMS Gateway service for delivering PIN codes for Komercialjna Banka clients.
  • The combination of X Infotech Secure PIN Manager and Mobile Gateway for PIN delivery allowed Komercialjna Banka to offer cardholders an option to choose the way of receiving PIN code: PIN envelope or SMS.