Upgrade of EMV card issuing platform for First Investment Bank, Bulgaria


X Infotech, has successfully upgraded MultiPerso EMV card issuing solution for one of Bulgaria’s biggest banks – First Investment Bank (Fibank). Upgrading the existing card platform will increase the competitiveness and allow the bank to manage a far greater number of cards to match its product range.

Client Profile

First Investment Bank, One of Bulgaria’s largest banks.


Upgrade of MultiPerso EMV card issuing solution.


  • Deliver high performance along with maximum security for card issuance as required in a banking environment.
  • Migration to a new solution while continuing to deliver seamless banking services to Fibank customers.


  • Upgrading of the existing card platform to increase the competitiveness of the bank along with the ability to manage a far greater number of cards.
  • The new personalization system improves the production process and enables the issuance of new card types.