X Infotech is known to be a trusted partner within the eID documents and payment cards industry. Together with our industry partners, we have successfully implemented hundreds of projects worldwide.

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Testimonials of our Partners and Customers


X Infotech has done an excellent job on the international level. We are very fortunate to be surrounded such experienced and highly regarded professionals who provide top level expertise in software solutions for government identity documents.

Security Features Company


We highly evaluate responsiveness, quality of work and experience of X Infotech team in secure electronic documents related projects, and will definitely continue to involve them for next projects in the near future.

Security Printing Company


X Infotech has proven to possess a high level of competence, skills and knowledge in the smart card industry, as well as a constructive approach during Family Card implementation in Egypt that helped both us and the government to complete the project professionally and in the agreed timeframe.

Smart Card Solutions Company


X Infotech has proven to be a competent and reliable partner and we are very satisfied with our cooperation. Having worked with X Infotech on almost 10 different project, we definitely recommend this company for smart card project.

Local Smart Card Producer


During the project, X Infotech showed a high level of professionalism and proved their ability to fill all the requirements necessary for the positive outcome of the project. It was a pleasure working with such a competent and experienced team and I would not hesitate to work with them again.

IT infrastructure company


This project was to a very tight deadline and X Infotech team, as the main system developer, worked tirelessly to complete the project on time and within the budget. From our experience, X Infotech is a company that delivers high quality services on-time while building long-lasting relationship with clients.

Department of Foreign Affairs


X Infotech employees and managers have demonstrated responsiveness, flexibility and high working standards and we would be glad to recommend them as a trusted business partner.

System Integrator


X Infotech team worked with the utmost dedication in order to provide the best-in-class technical services and support. Our recommendation is that prospective clients along with government organizations favorably look upon X Infotech capabilities in delivering software solution for electronic identity documents.

State Printing House