MultiPerso post-issuance management solution for Latvian eID card

X Infotech has been selected by the Latvian Ministry of Interior’s Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA) to deliver its MultiPerso Provisioning Server and Chip Encoding Server software. This project aims to implement a post-issuance management solution for Latvian eID cards, to enable several new services for card holders, such as authentication and e-signature certificate re-key or renewal, requesting encryption certificates and even installationand initialization of additional JavaCard applets to extend cards functionality in the future.

According to X Infotech the main benefit of the solution, where MultiPerso software will be used as a core component to integrate end user’s middleware, authentication server and OCMA’s Identity Documents Information System, is its ability to provide services remotely for eID cards already in use.

X Infotech says that for the OCMA, this represents a considerable simplification in operational efficiency, as well as monetary savings, by integrating the new solution into the existing PKI environment. X Infotech also provides consulting, training, technical assistance and maintenance services.

“We have been involved in different eGovernment projects around the world,” says Maris Birgelis, member of X Infotech’s board. “This gives us a great deal of experience in matching the unique requirements of OCMA with a customised solution that fully fits its needs.”

About X Infotech

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October 15, 2013