Minimizing environmental impact for better tomorrow

At X Infotech, we contstantly strive to improve our operations in line with the commitment to environment and sustainable development. Our software products and relationships with clients, partners and employees incorporate practices and recommendations of the “green” principle.

X Infotech’s environmental impact is mainly related to energy consumption in the offices and business travel. Therefore, we focus on reducing energy consumption, managing our waste and use of materials and chemicals in an environmentally responsible way. Moreover, we contineously communicate our key sustainability goals via internal communication channels.

We follow the local legislation and international standards, prescribing the requirements of protection of the environment. The priority of the year is the environmental certification ISO 14001:2015 to be carried out by 2016.

To take concrete steps and apply the environmental rule to the company’s practices, X Infotech:

  • defines, monitors and achieves environmental and sustainability goals
  • minimizes our environmental footprint
  • reduces electricity consumption in the office
  • minimizes paper consumption annually
  • ensures the e-waste recycling compliancy
  • encourages our clients, partners and employees to apply the “green” concept into their work processes, managing environmentally responsible businesses

August 25, 2016