Software solutions for electronic payment cards, mobile payments and Mobile Money

Financial Services

Governments, banks and financial institutions around the globe constantly introduce new services and technologies to their citizens and customers. The primary goal of any technological initiative in financial sector of any country is to empower people with secure, friendly and convenient tools for everyday usage: identify themselves, receive, withdraw and spend incomes, transfer funds, pay for purchases and services, get social and economic benefits.

An industry-proven technology, which allows to quickly identify, verify, authenticate and manage citizen’ identities permits governments to engage banks, national funds, non-governmental organizations, MNO and MVNO carriers, small and medium businesses (SMBs) into a powerful, economically rich cross-sectoral ecosystem, providing multiple financial and entrepreneurial benefits for all involved stakeholders.

An electronic multi-application card (smart card) carries an electronic chip with recorded biometric data of its holder to prove their identity. The same card can contain payment application, providing secure and yet quick access to salaries, pensions, subsidies, welfare, scholarship grants, etc. The card holder can also conduct payments, vote, receive healthcare and other social support benefits either remotely online via e-Government portals and smartphone apps, or onsite — in state service centers.

Banks can also immensely benefit: technologies like biometric enrolment and biometric verification of customers can dramatically increase banks’ ROI, propelling all administrative procedures, improving customer service, reducing corruption, fraud and human error risk, and consequently — engaging new customers and leveraging bank’s revenue. “Know Your Customer” (KYC) technology permits banks to track histories, profile records and backgrounds of their customers.

X Infotech offers various modular sets of solutions for:

  1. Multi-application card programs (joint projects of governments and banks)
  2. Electronic financial/non-financial cards personalisation, issuance and management
  3. Financial inclusion programs in developing regions
  4. Mobile Money (mobile payment) platforms


Diverse possibilities and form-factors

Secure and convenient management of EMV and local payment schemes (credit, debit, prepaid, contact/contactless, multi-application cards, payment platforms, middleware). Possibilities of building in applications and VAS.

Industry Standards Compliance

Compliance with the latest payment industry standards (eIDAS, PSD2, GDPR, ISO, etc) to prevent payment card fraud and ensure exceptional protection of cardholder data and transactions.

Flexibility For Future Extension

Flexibility and scalability to deliver seamless payments and value-added services through protected data channels.

Hardware and Chip Independent

Solutions of X Infotech are compatible with any type of electronic chip, equipment or software, to be easily modified and meet customer’s specific requirements.