It is time to admit that we are living in digital reality and to start playing as per digital rules. Processes are moving forward – more and more countries are introducing electronic visa systems. Electronic visa or eVisa is paperless substitute for a traditional visa that can be obtained by a traveler directly online. X Infotech offers a complete eVisa application, verification and issuance solution. It may include a portal for online visa application, visa application approval and visa printing. The vendor-independent solution also provides integration with external systems for applicant verification and visa status checks (e.g. visa status online check from border control).


  • Increased security
  • Efficient and effective identity verification
  • Lower processing and issuance costs
  • Reduced queues and the staff workload at airports, embassies and consulates
  • Increased integrity of the borders
  • Increased number of visitors and revenue generated from the tourism industry
  • Improved travel experience with a quick and easy application process
  • No need to attend consular office or embassy
  • 24/7 access to a secure visa application portal
  • Better protection against illegal immigration and identity theft