Turnkey software solutions for ePassports, National eID Cards and other eID documents

Electronic Identity

Identity management is of the utmost importance for every citizen and country. With the increase in the number of electronic identity (eID) documents in circulation around the world, governments are investing in identity management programs to prevent fraud and forgery, fight against terrorism, corruption and offer citizens access to a wide range of public facilities with new and highly-secure technologies.

Electronic identity documents include ePassports (ePP), national eID cards, electronic residence permits, multi-application cards. Personal data of a document’s holder, including biometrics, must be properly collected and recorded in the electronic chip of the document. This will guarantee quick and effective document holder’s identification and document verification afterwards.

X Infotech delivers a compelling value proposition for the client, offering premium security and tailor-made solutions to issue, manage and verify electronic identity documents along with multiple value-added-services.


Document Superior Security

Highest level of documents possible, making the document almost impossible to forge or counterfeit. Built-in document lifecycle management solutions “guard” the personal data in all document usage situations: document personalisation and issuance, document verification while traveling and crossing borders, age verification, access to government services, etc.

Citizen Experience

Seamless experience for citizens with additional eID applications and services (e-visa, e-Government, e-signature, etc.). Derived credentials technology permit citizens verify and authenticate themselves with their document via a mobile device.

ICAO/ISO Standard Compliance

Full compliance with international ICAO/ISO standards to ensure high security levels and interoperability.


Possibilities to deploy a “turnkey” ready-to-use document, which will include functionalities of electronic identity, payments system and complementing VAS-environment. Such a rich-component project involves X Infotech partners, Government authorities, banks and financial institutions, therefore giving a powerful boost to country’s economic and social development.