e-Driver’s Licences

A traditional physical Driver’s license is a document confirming the identity of the driver, containing their basic personal and registration data and acknowledging the legally granted rights to drive the vehicle. Digital, or Electronic Driver’s License (eDL) is introduced to be much more than that. eDL ensures much higher security and accuracy level when it comes to the driver’s identity checks, in a convenient and user-friendly way for both drivers and traffic police officers.

eDL technology allows to reduce possibilities of fraud, minimize unlicensed driving, decrease card and identity theft, and ultimately improve road safety. The card contains biometric verification technology as well as other built-in services, like e-wallet and other. Whether a driver needs to pay taxes or fines, his payment transactions may be processed through the eDL card, making all actions much quicker and convenient.

On the other side, the traffic officers can perform quick and accurate background identity checks, without any need to make a visual analysis of the physical card. An officer can get a quick access to the profiled driver’s history, getting immediate information on their experience and traffic rules violations.

The set of software solutions, offered by X Infotech, enables city and road traffic authorities with instant and effective biometric identification of a card owner, smart management of fines, insurances and taxes, and highest-security level of personal data storage. Solutions guarantee unprecedented document security, making the document holder’s data almost impossible to forge, alter or modify.

An electronic driver’s license is a commonly used document, so it has to be produced in highly-resistant materials, including polycarbonate, and ensure convenience for document owners. The document can be realised both in contact/contactless form-factors.


Improved Efficiency

Improved administrative processes and quality, ultimate document security, secure exchange of data stored on eDL. X infotech tailors eDL cards to meet country-specific needs on data collection, centralized and de-centralized issuance. The scalable eDL issuance system enables to update records or applications at the post-issuance stage. The eDL functionality can be extended from means of identification to multi-application capabilities.

Trusted Means of Identification

Convenient and instant electronic verification without compromising security. eDL can serve as a valid ID document for payments and other transactions where secure online authentication is required.

Superior Control of Road Traffic

eDL ensures integrated control of road traffic and detection of traffic violations. It facilitates roadside inspections for traffic police, offering reliable mobile verification as well as automated background checks (matching against databases or document status). eDL offers transparent point scoring management.

Value Added Services

Governments can design an interface between the eDL system and other public and private service platforms. eDL provides an online system for document renewal, access to penalty point status and history. eDL also permits drivers to make instant and secure online payment such as taxes, fines, tolls and parking fees.