Digital tachograph

A digital tachograph is a device fitted to a vehicle that digitally records its speed and distance, together with the driver’s activity selected from a choice of modes. It’s a digital version of the analogue tachograph system. The digital system records information on a range of vehicle and driver activities. Data is stored in the vehicle unit memory and on driver cards.

X Infotech offers a turnkey solution fully compliant with the requirements of the Generation-2 Smart Tachograph specifications. The complete solution includes delivery of technological equipment, software and related services, such as integration of all components into single system along with the technical support after implementation.

Offered solution is fully independent and compatible with various equipment currently available in the market. Moreover, the solution is modular, which allows to upgrade the system with minimal impact to the existing environment at any stage in the future.

Reasons to implement

  • To ensure compliance with the EU regulation
  • Increase road safety – less accidents and improved road safety by reducing identity fraud, excess driving time and speeding
  • Smart way to fight abuse or any other types of manipulations
  • In-depth analysis of driver working conditions
  • Better working environment for drivers
  • Fair competition between transport companies

X Infotech Tachograph CA

X Infotech Tachograph CA is a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) software solution component that issues Tachograph card certificates by digital signing of card public key and corresponding card data. X Infotech Tachograph CA generates private keys in accordance with Annex IC Appendix 11 and ensures integrity and authenticity of the issued document. MSCA’s certificate is issued by ERCA (European Root Certification Authority).

X Infotech Tachograph CA stores all issued certificates in database and provides audit GUI for issued certificate browsing. All cryptographic operations are performed by Hardware Security Module (HSM), meaning that sensitive data never appears in unencrypted format. All significant security events in X Infotech Tachograph CA software will be automatically logged and timestamped.