Software solutions for secure Border Control management

Border Control

The world becomes increasingly interconnected and border control points transform from fairly static borders to real-time collaboration between governments and the industry. State security units are working together with technology providers to offer more secure and efficient procedures for document and identity verification, as the national and international security remains at stake and the number of people crossing borders grows.

Electronic machine readable travel documents (eMRTDs) and Automated Border Control help to timely detect violations or identify high risk travelers. These technologies are used not only to improve security but also to maximize convenience and reduce screening time at border crossing points.

X Infotech offers a universal all-in-one solution for border control points to provide verification of biometric data such as fingerprint, face or iris. Border Control solutions ensure integration with external systems, an exchange of certificates with other country certificate repositories (nPKD & SPOC) as well as access to other PKI components.

The solution consists of several modules:

  1. Citizen Identification. Software solutions for identification and verification of travelers.
  2. PKI. Software solutions for document verification based an exchange of digital certificates.
  3. Border Control. Software solutions for equipment used at border control points (biometric verification, identity checks on watch lists and registers, data recording and storage for future use).


Automated Verification System

Automated document and identity verification to timely detect illegal immigration, trafficking and organized crime.

Biometric Recognition Technologies

Biometric technologies to enable effective, resource efficient and accurate identity checks, while increasing the capacity at border crossing points.

Elimination of Human Error Factor

Error-free document and identity verification as part of automated border control systems.

International ICAO/ISO Standard Compliance

Compliance with international ICAO/ISO standards to ensure national and international security as well as border control interoperability.