Multi-factor ID verification with an eID document or biometrics – onsite, remote, online, mobile. User authentication systems for banks and eGovernment

Biometric Verification

Biometric verification serves as a powerful and impressively secure tool to verify the identity of an individual and authenticate them for further actions — whether it is access to bank account or voting in State elections. It’s absolutely essential for governments and banks to provide their citizens and customers with a reliable and convenient mechanism of logging in to funds, accounts and profiles, ultimately reducing possible fraud or identity theft.

X Infotech offers a set of solutions to encourage governments, banks and service providers to implement multi-factor authentication systems, based on eID documents and biometric data. This way an authority can be sure its user/customer’s identity is true, unique and is linked with the authentic self.

Biometric verification provided by X Infotech involves collection, determination and management of fingerprints and face photo (both 1:1 and 1:N matching), with possibilities to include other biometric modalities like iris, palm or voice.

Both eID document and biometric data verification can be carried out either on specific equipment (for onsite verification checks) or on regular smartphones (for remote verification checks). This turns the technology into a convenient and easy-to-use instrument for all parties involved — authorities, banks, service providers and end-users.

Mobile Authentication Platform

X Infotech offers a Mobile Authentication technology, which permits to build a robust server platform to connect all possible existing form-factors: from PIN to user’s biometric verification (including 3-factor authentication).

The solution ensures absolute freedom and independency of choosing form-factors and switching from one to the other or connecting new ones.

Remote authentication can be carried out via a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) with NFC functionality and photo/video camera.

There is no need to remember or keep passwords, PIN-codes, mobile phone numbers, and no need to download drivers or apps for e-signature. Everything users have to do to authenticate themselves — is to introduce a randomly-generated code (sent to their smartphone) in a web-based interface. Additionally, their identity can be verified via biometrics (for example, with a selfie — face recognition technology may be optionally used).


High-level Security

X Infotech develops and integrates the most robust and secure technological platform for user authentication. It ensures the highest level of protection for data transfer processes. The solution can be delivered as a stand-alone server software/middleware, as well as together with a mobile application and post-delivery technical support.

High Accuracy

The technology demonstrates high accuracy along with excellent server and mobile platform performance: to centiseconds for extraction time and millions of biometric data matches processed in a second.

Costs Reduction

The biometric verification and authentication system has proved to make the users’ log-in processes quicker and more secure, therefore reducing possibilities of identity misuse and unauthorised access to funds and services. This allows to decrease fraud prevention and fraud consequences costs for both governments and banks.

Adaptability and Convenience

The solution may replace the currently running or legacy authentication server on a customer’s side, but also it may maintain, complement, improve and upgrade the current system considerably. X Infotech can deliver authentication platforms of any degree of complexity, including multi-factor authentication. However, the company still cares about usability and end-user convenience. The solution supports various form-factors, which are difficult to forge or forget (using eID documents or biometric data).