Instant Payment Switch with Customers Directory server


X Infotech delivered a solution to RNDPS that allows to send and receive money instantly among Rwanda bank accounts and mobile wallets. The implemented solution is Instant Payment Switch with Customers Directory server that managing secondary account identifiers to ensure payments initiated with the use of email address, mobile phone number or other identification number (e.g. tax number) without the knowledge of the bank account number or e-wallet account number of the recipient.

Client Profile

Rwanda, National Bank of Rwanda (BNR)


  • Instant Payment Switch software for end-to-end payments interoperability for Rwanda National Digital Payment System (RNDPS) participants for instant and retail payments in Rwanda.
  • This solution will allow to operate and safeguard infrastructure for exchanging financial information, linking end customers to private business, government, education, utility, information, telecommunication, and banking services, all in a cost-effective and secure way.


  • X Infotech delivered payment switch software, including Directory server (lookup database), Financial Module, Accounts Module, KYC Database, Fee Module, Reports Modules, Clearing and reconciliation module, Messaging module, ISO20022 bank interface support, MNO API interfaces, Dispute management, Management portal.
  • During the implementation of the project the following services were provided: assistance in Gap analysis, System installation and configuration, Integrations support, Trainings, GoLive support (Babysitting).