Implementation of biometric enrolment solution in Lithuania

X Infotech, the leading system integrator and supplier of premium solutions for issuance, verification and management of electronic ID documents, today announced the successful delivery of the biometric solution for the mobile enrolment program in Lithuania in cooperation with the local partner ATEA.

Recently, the consortium of X Infotech and ATEA won a public procurement organized by the Lithuanian Police. Their proven track record in identity management enabled them to stand out among their competitors and successfully replace the existing solution of mobile enrolment stations and software. X Infotech together with ATEA delivered the solution that enables an accurate capture in conjunction with storage of data for issuance of identity documents such as passports, identity cards and residence permits.

X Infotech delivered the biometric enrolment solution that reads fingerprints, as well as captures photo, signature and biographic data in compliance with the international ICAO requirements. Afterwards, the biometric data is encrypted and exported to the central system which is integrated with the population register to prevent the issuance of document duplicates.

Lithuanian Police will benefit from the increased efficiency and flexibility of the mobile enrolment processes in the country. The application for personalization of identity documents will become even more accessible thanks to the lightweight portable unit which enables easy setup. With the help of the new solution, the enrolment can be completed virtually in any place or time.

“X Infotech is proud to be a key supplier of the biometric enrolment software in our neighbour country, Lithuania. This project is another excellent proof that X Infotech is a trustworthy and experienced supplier, who enables local partners to win biometric and eID projects despite of strong competition from international players. Our advanced biometric solution will improve the workflow of mobile enrolment and will facilitate eID document issuance for the Lithuanian Police together with the document holders,” said Sergey Yeliseyev, Business Development Director at X Infotech, “Once again we have leveraged our unrivalled expertise in biometric solutions. We hope that the successful implementation of the biometric enrolment project in Lithuania will bring many more future projects in this region.”

“We are currently opening countless opportunities to the Lithuanian Police by implementing the highly flexible and up-to-date ‘mobile enrolment stations and software’ solution. The deployment of the new enrolment program will allow to meet the evolving challenges as well as succeed in the issuance of the identity documents across the country.”said Rimas Kvaselis, Project Group Manager at ATEA, “Although our first project with X Infotech has come to an end, I believe it lays the ground for the fruitful cooperation in future.”

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August 25, 2015