Health Insurance Card Project in a country of Europe

X Infotech, a leading system integrator and developer of premium solutions for issuance and management of smart cards, has succesfully completed a project, dedicated to the development and implementation of a new smart card application for the Health Insurance card.

In order to fulfil government requirements for e-card functionality to provide the possibility for legal residents using the card to authenticate themselves in networks, digitally sign documents, and encrypt documents for safe transfer on all types of personal computers, X Infotech developed and implemented operating system drivers for the most commonly used operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Development and implementation of dedicated OS drivers allows clients to use their cards not only in medical offices, but also from their own PCs at home or elsewhere. New smart card drivers were implemented as a part of the OpenSC project, which has become a de-facto standard for smart-card based government projects in many countries.

Open SC, open-source software, is distributed free of charge and can be installed by every health insurance cardholder. It provides support for cryptographic operations, and facilitates their use in security applications such as authentication, mail encryption and digital signatures. For compatibility with Health Insurance Cards, the Open SC program was extended with a dedicated driver, providing support specifically for this card.

In addition to OpenSC drivers, X Infotech developed and implemented a lightweight cross-platform application with graphic interfaces, which provides opportunities to change and unblock PINs, to generate certificate requests, upload new certificates to the card, and manage access permissions for Medical applications. With new OS drivers and additional smart card software, Health Insurance Cards can be used for storage of digital certificates, authentication, encryption, and signing of electronic documents.
Soon, this Health Insurance Card will allow all legal residents of the country not only to benefit from emergency medical treatment and care in their country, but also use their Cards to authenticate themselves and sign electronic documents when temporarily abroad.

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September 15, 2011