X Infotech signs new project with IN Groupe to implement Tachograph Smart Card solution in Europe starting with 3 countries

Continuing successful collaboration between X Infotech and IN Groupe, a Tachograph certificate issuing solution was delivered and successfully implemented in 3 European countries: France, Hungary and Luxembourg. The solution replaces the 1st generation Smart Cards solution with 2nd Generation that brings GPS tracking as enhanced functionality. Hence, bringing a new technological platform to meet the transportation and logistics industry requirements – the smart component for data record automatization and digitalization.

A digital tachograph provided for that project is a high-tech device fitted to a vehicle to digitally record the data, such as driving times, breaks and rest periods of individual drivers. The provided devices enable choice of driving modes, thus being applicable for different companies operating in different businesses. The recorded data is stored in the vehicle unit memory and on driver cards enabling compliance to safety and reporting standards.

X Infotech delivered solution complies with all the requirements of the Generation-2 Smart Tachograph specifications. The cogent advantage of the complete solution provided by the partnering companies is a full-spectrum product and services delivery, that includes   technological equipment, software and various services, like integrating all components into a single system along with the technical support after implementation.

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About IN Groupe
A partner of the French government for close to 500 years, IN Groupe offers identity solutions and secure digital services, at the leading edge of technology and integrating electronics and biometrics.
From components to services and from documents to interoperable systems, IN Groupe is a global specialist in identity and secure digital services. The institution plays a daily role in facilitating everyone’s life: helping states exercise their sovereignty, citizens protect their identity and businesses preserve their integrity.
More: www.ingroupe.com

About X Infotech
X Infotech is a global provider of software solutions for electronic identity documents and electronic payment cards in more than 45 countries around the globe.
X Infotech helps governments and banks worldwide to effectively collect, process and verify their citizens’ and customers’ personal data, including biometrics.
All X Infotech software components are ICAO/EMV compliant and can be integrated with any chip or any vendor personalization/issuance/verification equipment.

marzo 24, 2020