Mobile workstation solution for migration supervision in Estonia


X Infotech delivered Mobile workstation solution for migration supervision so called «mobile kit» with X Infotech mobile Android software solution for IT and Development Centre of Ministry of Interior of Estonia.

Perfil del cliente

IT and Development Centre, Ministry of Interior, Estonia


  • X Infotech ensured client with mobile workstations hardware set-ups, mobile Android offline document verification application (document verifier) and mobile Android offline OCR application (document OCR).


  • Delivery of hardware and X Infotech Android applications for Estonian Border Guard to effectively identify citizens by collecting biographic and biometric data (fingerprints and face image), as well as to verify presented identity documents onsite while border crossing, offline.


  • The main purpose of migration supervision workforce in Estonia is to verify whether foreign citizens stay in the country on legal grounds and to efficiently conduct proceedings in case illegal migrants are revealed. All processes are based on evidence collected onsite and background analysis relying on the digital data stored in the country information system. As the migration officers repeatedly visit countryside and remote locations, as well as conduct border control procedures on the go, there was an obvious urge to implement mobile workstation solutions for convenient and instant biometric enrolment and citizen identity verification.