EMV card issuance solution for MyCard and card personalization solution for EMV Issuers in Mexico

X Infotech provided a complete EMV card issuance solution for card manufacturing and personalization company in Mexico – MyCard. X Infotech delivered solution includes X Infotech Chip encoding, Data preparation, Batch Processing Manager, Key Management System and Secure Pin Manager along with professional services such as project management, solution implementation, systems integration with different personalization machines and professional support.

In addition, X Infotech helped MyCard to service one new segment – fintech card personalization. X Infotech supported MyCard to adjust workflow (Secure PIN Manager scenarios and Batch Processing Manager configuration) and provided implementation. Moreover, X Infotech provided Personalization script for VISA and MasterCard in order to help MyCard with internal development tasks in peak time to achieve fastest possible project completion. Project was done completely remotely, thus once again proving that the level of digitalization has removed national borders and enabling to implement projects all around the world.

“Thanks to X Infotech we have now flexibility to react better for this new market in Mexico, offering to our customers more adaptive solutions,” said Rogelio TEJADA, General Manager at MyCard.

About MyCard
MyCard – company with more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and personalization of cards, such as Business Cards, Security Cards and Financial Cards.
More at – www.mycard.com.mx

About X Infotech
X Infotech is a global provider of software solutions for electronic identity documents and electronic payment cards in more than 45 countries around the globe.
X Infotech helps governments and banks worldwide to effectively collect, process and verify their citizens’ and customers’ personal data, including biometrics.
All X Infotech software components are ICAO/EMV compliant and can be integrated with any chip or any vendor personalization/issuance/verification equipment.

abril 23, 2020