EMV personalization solution for Megacard


X INFOTECH has successfully delivered a comprehensive smart card solution and provided full migration process for Megacard, which is one of the biggest card’s issuer in Northern Europe. Megacard can benefit from MultiPerso modularity and functionality features, such as eID personalization and adjusted Trusted Service Manager (TSM).

Client Profile

Megacard, one of the largest card’s issuer in Northern Europe


  • Smart card personalization including EMV data preparation, chip encoding and Trusted Service Manager (TSM) to maintain the personalization process over the air (OTA) and over the internet (OTI) as well as update, append and delete mobile phone applications.


  • Migrate to a new smart card personalization platform.
  • Deliver an extensive migration process in a short period of time – one week.


  • Powerful, future-proof MultiPerso solution delivers convenience and security to a number of clients in the banking sector.
  • Megacard will have the technological capabilities to offer advanced card solutions whilst delivering new functionalities for personalization platforms.