Electronic passport project for Liechtenstein

X Infotech and OeSD (Staatsdruckerei GmbH), the leading provider of solutions for high security eID documents, successfully completed the electronic passport project for new Liechtenstein. The MultiPerso solution allowed smoothly migrate to EAC type of e-passports delivering several technical advantages comparing to existing system.

Client Profile

Migration and Passport Office of the Principality of Liechtenstein.


Deployment of personalization and instant issuance, production management, quality control solutions as well as an ICAO Public Key Infrastructure.


  • Migrate the existing system to enable the country issuing highly secure electronic EAC passports.
  • Implement the instant issuance solution to issue the identity documents from both central and remote locations (embassies).


  • The migration project has delivered several technological advantages for the e-passport issuance system, delivering high security and reliability for the holders of electronic ID documents.
  • MultiPerso solution has delivered the unprecedented functionality of Liechtenstein’s e-passport issuance, meeting current and future customer needs.