Electronic passport project in South-East Asia

Confidential country in South-East Asia

X Infotec, delivered and implemented a reliable MultiPerso electronic passport issuing solution and related PKI environment to a Southeast Asian country, allowing its citizens to benefit from the enhanced security of e-Passports, which are fully compliant with Extended Access Control (EAC) standard.

Client Profile

Confidential country in South-East Asia.


Comprehensive solution for passport personalization, quality assurance, ICAO Public Key Infrastructure(PKI) deployment along with high-level consultation and integration services.


  • Migrate the document issuance system from paper passports to secure electronic EAC passports, providing robust protection for citizen identity.
  • Implement our  full range of solutions and technologies for the secure issuing of electronic passports and ID cards.


  • The new electronic passport significantly improves security and privacy of personal data by securely storing the passport holder’s information electronically, as opposed to the old type paper passport.
  • The implementation of EAC technology offers more advanced security, thus making it difficult to counterfeit passports and minimizing identity theft.