Electronic passport project for Liechtenstein

X Infotech, leading systems integrator and MultiPerso software suite developer, and OeSD (Staatsdruckerei GmbH), foremost provider of solutions for highly secure eID documents, today announced the successful completion of an electronic passport project for new Liechtenstein.

X Infotech was involved in the development and implementation of personalization, quality control and a production management solution known as MultiPerso for Liechtenstein electronic passports, alongside provision of professional system integration services.

The MultiPerso solution allowed smooth migration from the exisiting system to EAC e-passports, delivering several technical advantages. Moreover, the MultiPerso solution is based on an instant-issuing approach, which passports to be issued centrally as well as in remote locations, such as embassies.

“X Infotech is convinced that MultiPerso is the best Software solution designed to issue and manage electronic documents in terms of flexibility, performance and security.” says Sergejs Jelisejevs, X Infotech board member. “Modern technology used in the MultiPerso package delivers ample functionality to fully meet current and future customer needs or even specific requirements. Our successful experience working with OeSD on this project has strengthened our co-operation which will enhance further participation in projects related to electronic identity document programs.”

“Our customer is very pleased with the work of the team that ensured the success of this project”, says Claudia Schwendimann, Director of Staatsdruckerei GmbH. “X Infotech and OeSD have proven their expertise in this development project, ensuring that the customer benefits from this successful implementation and maintains continued confidence in our expert team.”

Liechtenstein launched the project in life operation early this year.

About X Infotech

X Infotech, a leading systems integrator and a developer of software suite MultiPerso, delivers premium solutions for issuing, managing and verification of electronic ID documents and smart cards. The company`s turnkey solutions are fully independent and flexible, and in combination with unrivalled team expertise, allow smart card and eID programs to be implemented easily, adapting to any environment by supporting any equipment and chip type. With successfully implemented projects in 45 countries already, X Infotech is now a trusted business partner and preferred solutions and services provider for hundreds of customers. More: www.x-infotech.com

October 16, 2013