Electronic passport project for Ireland


HID Global®, DLRS Group, and X INFOTECH implemented the Irish e-passport project, where was provided end-to-end solution, including e-passport delivery, personalization and production management. Ireland e-passport uses the latest security technologies to protect citizens’ identities while providing the Republic of Ireland with a flexible, efficient and highly secure passport solution.

Client Profile

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Government of Ireland and DLRS Group, Ireland’s Leading Security Print Group.


End-to-end solution encompassing e-passport personalization, production management, deployment of ICAO Public Key Infrastructure, as well as the integration of the population register.


  • Replace the existing passport issuance system with a new electronic passport solution.
  • Provide an exceptional level of security making the passports very hard to forge or copy.


  • The passport personalization center has deployed a highly efficient and flexible solution for the issuance of one of the most secure and also visually appealing e-passport designs to date.
  • An exceptional level of security to protect the identities and personal data of the citizens and residents.
  • The government plans to issue 2,000,000 passports within a timeframe of 5 years.