Electronic Passport and Electronic Identity Card for Belarus


X Infotech supplied turnkey ePassport and eID card issuing system, including equipment and software for production of biometric identity documents.

Client Profile

RUE “Cryptotech” of Department of the State Signs of the Ministry of Finance of Belarus


  • X Infotech in consortium with Emperor Technology supplied to RUE “Cryptotech” of Department of the State Signs of the Ministry of Finance of Belarus turnkey solution, including software and hardware needed for a system for personal data collection, processing and storing of biometric and identity data, personalization and issuance of biometric documents along with document registries, workflow management, cryptographic and biometric ecosystems.
  • X Infotech deliverables – X Infotech Enrolment, ICAO Data Preparation, Chip Encoding, Quality Assurance, Integration Services, Secure PIN Manager, Document Registry, Document Issuance, Case Management, Identity Management, ABIS, Production Management, Stock Management, Authorization Server, Log Server, Monitoring Server, Reporting Server.


  • Integration of local specific cryptography into solution
  • Software and hardware certification in local laboratory
  • Solution security attestation according to local legislation
  • Integration with personalization machines, enrolment stations, mobile kits and other devices
  • Full deployment of hardware and software in 3 datacenters
  • Local trainings and knowledge-sharing seminars, system trial runs and workshops
  • Preparation of solution Business processes and validation with all involved parties
  • External services from X Infotech solution components for data retrieval by 3rd party
  • System components and documentation localization to Russian language
  • Accommodation and implementation of technical requirements from different involved national services
  • Integration with numerous (10+) local systems according to requirements, e.g. qualified digital signature system, population registry system, payment and notification systems, external databases etc.
  • Integration with ICAO PKI external ecosystem (also supplied by X Infotech as a part of separate project with state owned organization)