Electronic ID card project for a bank in Africa

Eastern Africa

X Infotech implemented electronic ID cards with biometric authentication functionality through fingerprint verification for delivering trusted authentication for one of the biggest banks in Eastern Africa. The solution delivers bank customers an optimal balance of convenience and data security.

Client Profile

One of the largest banks in Eastern Africa.


  • Comprehensive solution for ID card personalization, instant issuance of cards, the development of biometric application, automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) and biometric registry development.


  • Implement a complete solution for the issuance of payment cards with biometric information stored on the chip.
  • Deliver a highly secure level of personal  verification to prevent identity fraud and theft.


  • MultiPerso solution has delivered unrivalled security for the bank’s clients based on a tamper-proof system of biometric authentication.
  • The electronic ID project resulted in an optimal balance of convenience and data security, which benefits both the bank and its clients.