Our Company is the best place to cultivate talents and expand professional knowledge and skills. We offer plenty of opportunities for both young and experienced professionals to learn more about eID industry, and take part in challenging projects around the world.


Currently no vacancies available.

Internship programs

X Infotech offers various scholarship, internship and work-study programs to jumpstart your IT career. Our summer internship gives students a first hands-on experience of working in software engineering. Every year, the best interns are offered a permanent position as a part of the work-study program.

We are proud to say that 10% of our employees started out as interns before making it big and working for X Infotech full-time. If you are passionate about software engineering and you are looking for an internship, get in touch with us at: Every application is evaluated on individual basis.

Collaboration with Universities

We have a long history of cooperating with universities and academic organizations. X Infotech has a variety of scholarships, grants and awards for existing and prospective Computer Science Students. In all cases, the successful candidates are selected on the basis of their academic excellence or on how well they did on high school exams, particularly math and physics. Occasionally, X Infotech also organizes student competitions on topics such as biometric technologies, applications development, border control.



To deliver digital ID and payment solutions which are simple, user-friendly and secure.


To be one of the preferred supplier of the solutions for Digital ID and Digital Payments on the market worldwide.


The strategic goal of X Infotech is to become the Number 1 technology leader, independent system integrator and software solutions provider in the e-ID and smart cards industry, globally.