X Infotech Authorise™

Enrolment/production operators authorisation

X Infotech Authorise™ is a ready-to-implement solution, which permits banks to verify their customers’ identities against existing records to make sure their acquired data coincide with the previously recorded and stored data. This way the bank makes sure the banking services are used by the authorised customer with certain rights.

The technology relies on collecting, comparing and storing biometric data of different biometric modalities: fingerprints, face recognition, iris, voice, palm veins prints, etc.

Solution functionality

Register new customer

Enrol new customers collecting their personal data – both biographic and biometric. This will help you to securely verify customers’ identity any time in future, preventing fraudulent activities with funds.

Know your customer

Verify your customer’s identity with his biometrics against the local biometric registry system managed by your bank, or National biometric registry database, or cross-banks database of debtors and black lists participants. Know who your customer is!

Enhance credentials system with biometrics

If your bank already runs any authentication platform with passwords, tokens or other conventional credentials tools, you may extend your current system with biometrics to make customers’ financial activities hundreds times more secure.

Solution architecture



  • Enrolment workstation equipment
  • Server equipment